Pixieset crafts simple, beautiful digital products for modern photographers.

We're a dedicated, passionate group of people working on making the lives of photographers easier. Our mission is to equip and inspire everyone on the journey towards running their own photography business. Launched in 2013, Pixieset is one of the fastest growing companies in the photography industry. Today, hundreds of thousands of photographers around the world use Pixieset to make their business simpler, more professional, and more streamlined.

Pixieset was founded in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.
1 Million+
Trusted by over a million professional photographers.
5 Billion+
Billions of photos shared and delivered with Pixieset.

Our Story

In 2013, our founding team members – made up of photographers level Amateur to Pro – were looking for a simple and beautiful way to share photos with friends and clients. Back then, the existing online gallery hosting systems required too much technical know-how, or were simply not pleasing to look at. We soon realized that many other photographers were also in need of a design-centric, hassle-free gallery platform, and Pixieset was born.

Today, we're a profitable, privately-owned company that focuses on making photography software simpler and better. Over the coming years, we will be leading the charge in creating innovative products that empower photography businesses so photographers can focus on what they do best: capturing memories.

Our Culture and Values

We are creators first, business-people second. We are constantly creating and refining our products with care and focus. These are some of the values that we live by and pride ourselves in.

Craftsmanship at the heart of everything.

Simple solutions to complex challenges.

Build a positive and happy environment.

Do the right thing and produce awesome work.

Communicate with honesty and respect.

Focus on growth and learning.

Live smart, and have fun.

Crafted in the heart of Vancouver

We are headquartered out of Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver with an office in Chișinău, Moldova.

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